Pay No Mind To The Distant Thunder

Everyday we seem to set goals for ourselves, something to help us create a sense of normality. A task that needs completing for instance. To make sure you exercise a bit more. Get all the housework done. Make sure a project is finished. Some people only measure a good day as something than can mark of with tangible goals, another chalk mark up on the board of life. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Failure is a viable option. 

Failure means only that you’ve not been able to succeed at something you’ve attempted. People will dwell on the ‘failure’ part but that’s not what we need to focus on, we need to recognise that something was attempted.

That’s what matters, not the fact that you succeeded or not, the fact that you even tried in the first place. Sometimes the first step that you take is s a huge one. But at least your moving forward. 

Some people think that gaining as much momentum as you can will help but it’s not always the case. Sometimes that just means you take a shorter time and you might make mistakes in getting there. Take your time. Don’t rush. Try and enjoy the journey you’re undertaking. 

When we fail it may mean that we’ve fallen short in what we’ve wanted but that’s okay. It gives us chance to learn from what we’ve done, to attempt things again. And if we fail again, so what? 

To constantly strive for perfection is to ignore our imperfect nature. None of us are prefect. It’s our flaws that make us what we are, makes us all individuals and unique. We should learn to accept this, not currently try to change so we got in with the status quo. I like being the way am. I’ve accepted my flaws and my shortcomings and I’m happy with that. I’m not going to beat myself up because I don’t wear a certain brand of clothes or hang out with a certain group of people. If people cannot or will not accept who I am then that is their loss. I will not change. I will be that round peg in the square hole. 

The title of the this installment of my blog comes from the song No Leaf Clover by Metallica. You can find a video of it on YouTube at Metallica – No Leaf Clover.

As usual, if you’d like to talk further please drop me an email at Also I’ve created a closed support group on Facebook also called The Order Of The Dog. It’s for people who suffer from mental illnesses as well as people who want to support others and get a better understanding. It’s a closed group so only members can see, post or comment on what’s in there. Head over to The Order Of The Dog to join. Finally, please feel free to share this blog with anyone and anywhere where you think it might help. 

The Order Of The Dog.


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